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  • Industrial chemistry by wholesale
  • Industrial chemistry by wholesale

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For already more than 5 years our company has been successfully selling chemicals to all regions of the Russian Federation. We are proud of our work and understand how important it is to do it in a quality and timely manner, as buying qualitative chemicals is a basic step in any industrial or laboratory production. The modern world is rapidly developing day by day; all spheres of human life are subject to this development trend. Chemistry as one of the basic sciences is certainly one of those progress locomotives, which pull humanity forward. Each of you can easily notice how lots of new discoveries and new technologies are being introduced into our lives by means of the chemical industry.

SLR Chemical is a partcipant of the internatonal eehibiton of pharmaceutcal ingredients, producton and distributon of medicines IPhEB Russia


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129164, Moscow, Zubarev Lane, 15, building 1, Chaika-Plaza-1 Business Centre, office no. 412 

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